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John WhitingAfter a long career in the NZ Police, John and Kay decided on a lifestyle change to pursue a life-long interest of John's, rearing upland gamebirds for live release.

For John, this was a natural progression following on from his many years of hunting game in North Canterbury and a past-time he still pursues when he has free time.

After purchasing a property in the North Canterbury area near Rangiora, John set about constructing purpose built sheds and runs for game bird breeding. A need was seen to supply a demand that could not be met in the Canterbury area.

Pheasant hunting in Canterbury was and is almost non-existent and interested people were keen to do something about the situation themselves. Releasing farm bred pheasant in suitable areas in an effort to establish permanent wild stock, was an option that many people favoured. This has been made possible by the breeding of large numbers of game-birds in captivity.

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