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Pheasant and other upland gamebirds rely mainly on a diet of grasses, seeds and insects. Of particular importance to the newly hatched chicks is a ready supply of insect life, which is particularly important in the first week or two of their life. It is their source of protein, which is vital to their survival.

Large feederSupplementary feeding of grain is a viable option for newly released birds. This practice is very helpful in assisting to maintain the bird's health at least through their first winter and to prevent early straying from your property. Once the gamebirds are settled and secure in their area supplementary feeding can be slowly reduced.

If restocking your property on a regular basis it would be wise to retain the feeders.

A number of reliable feed stations have been thoroughly tested by Woodfield Gamebirds and found to be excellent. They are ideally suited for large or small numbers of birds and can be purchased from Woodfield Gamebirds. They are simple but effective. .

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